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Software Engineer - Infrastructure Platforms

Remote US
Software Development

Available Locations: Remote - US, Mexico City - Mexico, Ontario-  Canada.

About the Role

An engineering role at Cloudflare provides an opportunity to address some big challenges, at scale.  We believe that with our talented team, we can solve some of the biggest security, reliability and performance problems facing the Internet. Just how big?  

  • We have in excess of 15 Terabits of network transit capacity
  • We operate 250 Points-of-presence around the world
  • We serve more traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, & Wikipedia combined
  • Anytime we push code, it immediately affects over 200 million internet users
  • Every day, up to 20,000 new customers sign-up for Cloudflare service
  • Every week, the average Internet user touches us more than 500 times

We are looking for talented Software Engineers to build and develop the platform which makes Cloudflare customers place their trust in us.  Our Software Engineers come from a variety of technical backgrounds and have built up their knowledge working in different environments. But the common factors across all of our reliability-focused engineers include a passion for automation, scalability, and operational excellence.  Our Infrastructure Engineering team focuses on the automation to scale our infrastructure.

Our team is well-funded and focused on building an extraordinary company.  This is a superb opportunity to join a high-performing team and scale our high-growth network as Cloudflare’s business grows.  You will build tools to constantly improve our scale and speed of deployment.  You will nurture a passion for an “automate everything” approach that makes systems failure-resistant and ready-to-scale.   

Infrastructure Platforms Software Engineers inside our Resiliency organization focus on building and maintaining the reliable and scalable underlying platforms that act as sources of truth and foundations for automation of Cloudflare’s hardware, network, and datacenter infrastructure. We interface with SRE, Network Engineering, Datacenter Engineering and other Infrastructure and Reliability teams to ensure their ongoing needs are met by the platforms we provide.

Many of our Software Engineers have had the opportunity to work at multiple offices on interim and long-term project assignments. The ideal Software Engineering candidate has a passionate curiosity about how the Internet fundamentally works and has a strong knowledge of Linux and Hardware.  We require strong coding ability in Rust and Python. We prefer to hire experienced candidates; however raw skill trumps experience and we welcome strong junior applicants.

Required Skills

  • Intermediate level software development skills in Rust and Python
  • Linux systems administration experience
  • 5 years of relevant software development experience
  • Strong skills in network services and Rest APIs
  • SQL databases (Postgres or MySQL)
  • Self-starter; able to work independently based on high-level requirements


Examples of desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Prior experience working with Diesel and common database patterns in Rust
  • Configuration management systems such as Saltstack, Chef, Puppet or Ansible
  • Prior experience working with datacenter infrastructure automation at scale
  • Load balancing and reverse proxies such as Nginx, Varnish, HAProxy, Apache
  • The ability to understand service metrics and visualize them using Grafana and Prometheus
  • Key/Value stores (Redis, KeyDB, CouchBase, KyotoTycoon, Cassandra, LevelDB)


Bonus Points

  • Experience with programming languages other than those listed in requirements.
  • Network fundamentals DHCP, subnetting, routing, firewalls, IPv6
  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment pipelines
  • Performance analysis and debugging with tools like perf, sar, strace, gdb, dtrace, strace
  • Experience developing systems that are highly available and redundant across regions
  • Experience with the Linux kernel and Linux software packaging
  • Internetworking and BGP


Some tools that we use

  • Rust
  • Python
  • Diesel
  • Actix
  • Tokio
  • Apache Airflow 
  • Salt
  • Netbox
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Prometheus


About the Team

At Cloudflare, our engineering and research team combines the expertise of some of the industry’s most talented professionals in both software engineering and advanced research. Our bot and fraud detection research and development team focuses on innovating and developing leading-edge solutions to combat online fraud and bot activities, thereby ensuring the highest levels of security and integrity for online platforms. Collaborating closely with product development and engineering groups, our researchers play a crucial role in advancing our fraud detection products through identification of new signals and refining our bot detection algorithms.

What You'll Do

As a researcher in our bot and fraud detection team, you will:

  • Engage in cutting-edge research to design, develop, and enhance our fraud detection products.
  • Apply your knowledge in data science and machine learning to analyze and interpret vast datasets, contributing to the fight against sophisticated online attackers.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate research findings into practical, scalable solutions.
  • Utilize and improve upon our technology stack, which includes Python, Rust, Kafka, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, and Clickhouse.
  • Make significant contributions to the field of bot and fraud detection, impacting the security of online applications globally.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Advanced degree (PhD or Masters) in the fields of Computer Science, Data Science, or Cybersecurity.
  • Proven track record of research in academia or industry, preferably in areas related to cybersecurity, bot detection, browser fingerprinting, fraud detection, or machine learning.
  • Expertise in web security, network protocols, and web application architectures.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with large-scale datasets and distributed computing.

Bonus points

  • Experience in developing and implementing bot detection and fraud prevention strategies.
  • Publication record in peer-reviewed venues or industry conferences in relevant fields.
  • Familiarity with cloud computing environments and big data technologies.
  • Experience with productionizing machine learning models.
  • Experience with technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Salt.
  • Familiarity with writing and optimizing advanced SQL queries.
  • Experience with columnar databases such as Clickhouse.


Compensation may be adjusted depending on work location.

  • For Colorado-based hires: Estimated annual salary of $137,000 - $152,000
  • For New York City, Washington, and California (excluding Bay Area) based hires: Estimated annual salary of $154,000 - $171,000.
  • For Bay Area-based hires: Estimated annual salary of $162,000 - $180,000


This role is eligible to participate in Cloudflare’s equity plan.


Cloudflare offers a complete package of benefits and programs to support you and your family.  Our benefits programs can help you pay health care expenses, support caregiving, build capital for the future and make life a little easier and fun!  The below is a description of our benefits for employees in the United States, and benefits may vary for employees based outside the U.S.

Health & Welfare Benefits

  • Medical/Rx Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Commuter Spending Accounts
  • Fertility & Family Forming Benefits
  • On-demand mental health support and Employee Assistance Program
  • Global Travel Medical Insurance

Financial Benefits

  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Life & Accident Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Employee Stock Participation Plan

Time Off

  • Flexible paid time off covering vacation and sick leave
  • Leave programs, including parental, pregnancy health, medical, and bereavement leave


What Makes Cloudflare Special?

We’re not just a highly ambitious, large-scale technology company. We’re a highly ambitious, large-scale technology company with a soul. Fundamental to our mission to help build a better Internet is protecting the free and open Internet.

Project Galileo: We equip politically and artistically important organizations and journalists with powerful tools to defend themselves against attacks that would otherwise censor their work, technology already used by Cloudflare’s enterprise customers--at no cost.

Athenian Project: We created Athenian Project to ensure that state and local governments have the highest level of protection and reliability for free, so that their constituents have access to election information and voter registration.

Path Forward Partnership: Since 2016, we have partnered with Path Forward, a nonprofit organization, to create 16-week positions for mid-career professionals who want to get back to the workplace after taking time off to care for a child, parent, or loved one. We released to help fix the foundation of the Internet by building a faster, more secure and privacy-centric public DNS resolver. This is available publicly for everyone to use - it is the first consumer-focused service Cloudflare has ever released. Here’s the deal - we don’t store client IP addresses never, ever. We will continue to abide by our privacy commitment and ensure that no user data is sold to advertisers or used to target consumers.


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