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Senior Systems Engineer: Interprocess Communications

London, UK
Software Development

Cloudflare runs one of the largest networks in the world, handling tens of millions of requests per second, and processing traffic with millisecond latencies. This involves many cooperating services. We are forming a new team to focus on the communication between these services, which will build and operate services to provide extreme low-latency communication as a platform for other teams to build upon.

Engineers in the team will be involved in building and operating production systems at huge scale. The team will build and run a core set of systems to enable other systems to communicate effectively and with minimal latency. The team will also build and maintain client and server libraries for other teams, to ensure other teams can focus on their business logic.


Desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • Substantial hands-on systems level programming and troubleshooting experience.
  • Experience operating high performance and huge scale services.
  • Knowledge of Layer 4-7 protocols (examples: gRPC, TCP, UDP, QUIC).
  • Knowledge of network load balancing and routing techniques.
  • A drive for continuous improvement when it comes to both operations and new product development
  • Experience analysing and communicating complex technical requirements and concepts, identify the highest priority areas, and carve a path to deliver 
  • Driving communication and consensus across teams
  • Ability to get things done: implementing tools, process, internal instrumentation, methodologies and resolving blockages
  • Strong curiosity, a desire to learn new things, and teach others
  • Cryptography experience, particularly around compliance (eg, FIPS)


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