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Senior Solution Architect, Enterprise

Remote, Any, United States, AMER

About the Role

Fivetran data replication connectors have been implemented across many of the world's largest enterprises.

As a Solution Architect in the Services team at Fivetran, you will be responsible for facilitating the installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the complete suite of Fivetran connectors through your expertise in a variety of applications, datalakes, databases, and file systems.

Working directly with customer stakeholders, you will define requirements and work to facilitate an architecture and integration that fulfills those requirements. Along the way, you will facilitate the optimisation of the implementation through performance tuning, offer best-practice advice on source and target setup & use your analytical skills to technically troubleshoot issues.

An essential part of the role of the Solution Architect will be enabling customers to take responsibility for the installation once it has been tested and is ready for deployment into a Production environment. To this end, you should feel comfortable in producing enablement collateral and training teams to adopt what may be a new software application.

Finally, you will not be working alone; your role will encompass interactions not only with customer stakeholders but also with a wide range of internal stakeholders, including Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, Sales Engineers, Customer Support Engineers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers. Therefore, you should be comfortable liaising with both technical and non-technical stakeholders triaging on a wide range of topics.

Technologies You’ll Use

  • Fivetran
  • HVR 
  • OnPremise and cloud databases, including:
    • SAP HANA
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • IBM Db2
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
  • OnPremise and cloud data warehouses, including::
    • Snowflake
    • BigQuery
    • Redshift
    • Databricks
  • Operating systems, including:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Unix
  • AWS, GCP or Azure environments and services
    • git
    • New Relic

What You’ll Do

  • Get hands-on with installation of all types (application, database, file, and event) of Fivetran connectors, which will include:
    • Preparing environments for replication, which may involve SQL scripting or command-line operations to enable full transaction logging, archiving/backup and table analysis/preparation 
    • Configuring high volume database connectors through a mix of UIs and command-line operations
  • Work with customer teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues during implementation, which will include:
    • Data validation
    • Performance analysis
    • Database and environment tuning
  • Enable customer teams to adopt and take ownership of  Fivetran’s LDP connectors through training and documentation

Skills We’re Looking For

  • A breadth of experience in the data integration and data replication space
  • Experience in a broad range of database, data warehouse and operating systems
  • Advanced SQL knowledge
  • Advanced command-line knowledge, including scripting with the command-line
  • Advanced knowledge of networking approaches, including SSH tunneling and VPNs
  • Advanced logical and analytical abilities to help solve problems and provide optimisations to databases, data warehouses, environments & networking approaches
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to effectively collaborate with customers and cross-functional internal stakeholders
  • Resourceful, self-motivated and able to successfully complete multiple competing projects under tight deadlines for a range of customers
  • Strong prioritization and organizational skills
  • Experience with a non-CLI scripting language such as Python

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with Apache Kafka, New Relic, Salesforce and Rest APIs
  • Experience with Data Lakes such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft ADLS2
  • Knowledge of mainframe systems such as IBM iSeries


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