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Senior Data Engineer - Analytics

Oakland, California, United States, AMER
About the Role
Fivetran is building data pipelines to power the modern data stack for thousands of companies.
We believe that in the future, with the work of writing and maintaining ELT pipelines offloaded to Fivetran, the role of a data engineer opens up into a wider problem space focused on performance, reliability, and making data teams and data consumers more efficient. Fivetran’s internal Analytics team are happy Fivetran customers, and we are looking for a data engineer who is ready to step into that future with us.
This person will be the standard-bearer for data quality and efficiency on a high-performance, industry-leading Analytics team. Responsibilities include transformation layer optimization, data observability monitoring and response, and the design and implementation of new tools and systems. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring the technical excellence of your team by reviewing code, contributing to architectural designs, and mentoring your junior colleagues. 
This is a full-time position based out of our Oakland office (Hybrid/Remote).
Technologies You’ll Use
We emphasize using no-nonsense tools, and take great pride in the simplicity and effectiveness of the systems we build. Our Modern Data Stack is made up primarily of Python, BigQuery, dbt, Looker, Slack, Google Cloud Functions, and of course, Fivetran!
What You’ll Do
  • Be the standard-bearer for data quality and efficiency on a high-performance, industry-leading team. 
  • Ensure that our analytics warehouse and codebase is designed to support our growing enterprise business reliably, accurately and affordably. 
  • Work closely with our fantastic Data Analysts, bringing an informed, opinionated viewpoint to frameworks, tools, templates and code reviews in order to elevate code quality teamwide. 
  • Identify opportunities for refactoring existing code; implement the refactoring; and lay the guardrails for fewer refactors in the future.
  • Lead the development and enablement of new tools and technologies to support Fivetran Analytics.
  • Optimize our transformation layer for efficient and effective delivery of business intelligence to stakeholders throughout the organization.
Skills We’re Looking For
  • Deep familiarity with advanced SQL in a modern data warehouse environment (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, etc)
  • An informed, opinionated stance on SQL style, normalization, Kimball, etc.
  • A deep understanding of ERDs, DAGs and ETL/ELT
  • An ability to take end-to-end ownership of data product delivery, from design through implementation
  • A desire to solve problems the RIGHT way, and the ability to clearly articulate WHY to a technical audience
  • Experience writing production code, and debugging and deciphering code written by others
Bonus Skills​
  • Applied knowledge of a scripting language, preferably Python, in a data engineering context
  • Experience scaling an ETL or other analytics codebase across several years and 10+ collaborators
  • Good understanding of data governance and data security
  • Experience with CI/CD implementations for the modern data stack


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