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Referrals Acquisition Specialist


About Baubap

We are a fast-growing, Mexican fintech startup with the mission to become the bridge to people’s financial freedom through technology.

We are providing microloans to people in financial need through a fast and efficient process, always treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our long-term vision is to become the largest inclusion bank in LATAM by 2030.

*We require that the candidate is fluent in Spanish and currently resides in LATAM, as it's important be willing to work under the Mexican Central Time Zone.

About your role

As Referrals Acquisition Specialist, your key role is to define and execute the recruitment strategy for Baubap's "Invita y Gana" and "Estrellas Baubap" referral programs, key components of our customer acquisition strategy that account for over 20% of our total acquisitions. These are crucial components of our customer acquisition strategy, providing a cost-effective channel that not only pays the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) directly to our customers, enhancing it as a revenue source for them, and also allowing us more control than traditional paid channels. With responsibilities including weekly and monthly promotions, managing levels of Estrellas, and organizing both virtual and in-person events, this role demands a dedicated individual committed to the full-time development and expansion of these pivotal programs, thereby driving synergistic effects across the business.


  • Develop and implement short- and long-term acquisition strategies to achieve our 2024 goal of reaching 1M new borrowers.
  • Enhance customer communication journeys and storytelling for effective positioning and messaging of our referral programs.
  • Recruit and engage participants for "Invita y Gana" and "Estrellas Baubap" through both outbound and inbound marketing efforts.
  • Define and execute go-to-market strategies for the referral programs.
  • Optimize funnel conversion through data-driven testing and analysis.
  • Collaborate with copywriters and visual designers to create compelling creative content.
  • Develop community marketing strategies to engage and foster lasting relationships with existing and new participants in the referral programs.

Day to Day 

  • Research and analyze market trends, competitor activities, and customer behavior to develop acquisition strategies.
  • Develop and refine customer communication journeys to ensure effective messaging and positioning.
  • Carry out marketing referral campaigns to boost the new customer acquisition.
  • Implement outbound and inbound marketing techniques to attract and recruit participants for referral programs.
  • Lead go-to-market planning and execution for "Invita y Gana" and "Estrellas Baubap."
  • Conduct data-driven tests to optimize the conversion funnel and improve overall program performance.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including copywriters and visual designers, to create engaging content.
  • Implement community marketing initiatives to build and maintain strong relationships with program participants.


  • Proven experience in customer acquisition, with a focus on referral programs.
  • Strong analytical skills and experience with data-driven decision-making.
  • Previous success in achieving ambitious customer acquisition targets.
  • Excellent communication and storytelling abilities.
  • Demonstrated success in developing and executing go-to-market strategies.
  • Proficiency in marketing tools and platforms.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Nice to have

  • Familiarity with community engagement strategies.
  • Experience with referral or loyalty programs.
  • Growth & data skills.
  • You have past experience in startups or fintechs.

Your skills 

  • Clear and transparent communication. You are able to able to express your thoughts clearly, concisely and to the point. You can openly discuss any blockers you have, and constructively point out areas for improvement.
  • Relentlessly resourceful at execution and problem solving. You make things happen, no matter what.
  • You are disciplined, organized and systematically follow through on your work. Instead of getting stuck thinking "well, this doesn't work", you look for creative / innovative / outside-of-the-box solutions to fix the issue and move on.
  • Sense of urgency. You operate with a constant sense of urgency (as if there was a large, hungry wolf chasing you), constantly looking for ways to move ahead. You don’t wait around and make things happen.
  • Flexibility / adaptability / resilience. You can swiftly change the course of action when needed, and you don't get easily demotivated.
  • Being self-driven / committed. You require very little guidance and intervention from your leader to move ahead. You act because you want to, and not because someone else is telling you that you should.
  • Critical / analytical thinking.You can correctly analyse the root causes of a problem, without getting side-tracked by irrelevant, minor details. You can come to the right conclusion and propose a clear, logical plan of action. You don't stay on the surface of things.
  • Helping others succeed / strong stakeholder focus. While tackling the responsibilities on your plate, you are constantly thinking "How will this impact the other party? Am I doing the absolute best I can to offer excellent support / service?

What we can offer you

  • Being part of a multinational, highly driven team of professionals
  • Remote working environment
  • High level of ownership and independence
  • 20 vacation days / year + 75% holiday bonus
  • 1 month (proportional) of Christmas bonus
  • Food vouchers  3,257.10 MXN / month
  • Health & Life insurance
  • Paid time-off Parental Leave
  • Home office set-up budget
  • Unlimited budget for Kindle books
  • 2 psychological sessions/month with Terapify
  • Baubap Free Loan


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