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Engineering Manager: Interprocess Communications

London, UK

Cloudflare runs one of the largest networks in the world, handling tens of millions of requests per second, and processing traffic with millisecond latencies. This involves many cooperating services. We are forming a new team to focus on the communication between these services, which will build and operate services to provide extreme low-latency communication as a platform for other teams to build upon.

We’re looking for a manager who can build and lead this new team, setting technical goals and roadmap, driving consensus and collaboration, and delivering substantial improvements in performance and reliability across the platform.

Desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • Substantial experience both in engineering management and as a hands-on engineer and as an SRE
  • Experience of operating high performance and large scale software systems
  • Excellent at planning, creating teams and overseeing execution to meet commitments and deliver with predictability
  • Experience of managing multiple concurrent projects with competing priorities
  • Detailed knowledge of networking and communications protocols
  • Track record of managing a diverse team including hiring, onboarding, and professional development. You inspire your team to reach higher and to get there by collaborating. You’re as good at explaining “why” as you are “how”.
  • Working with other managers, maintaining clear lines of communication across and upwards in an organisation
  • Bringing operational expertise to engineering teams
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