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Collection Specialist - South Africa


Note: This role is for South Africa-based candidates only (we do not provide visa sponsorships)


About the Role:

The Collections team under Billing Operations is responsible to collect payments from the Healthcare Facilities. A Collection Specialist is responsible for ensuring that the assigned facilities pay their invoices quickly and in time. Cash is the lifeline of any company. This is a very critical role to ensure that the cash flows for the company are smooth. The Collection Specialist will reach out to the facilities through phone and email to get a commitment of payment (Promise to Pay) and ensuring that the facilities honor these commitments. The Specialist will work with the facilities and the respective internal teams to ensure any roadblocks in collecting the payments are removed. The role would require a cross-functional collaboration with Billing Disputes, Sales, Facility Onboarding, Customer Support to achieve the desired goals.


  • Monitor accounts to identify outstanding debts
  • Review previous data for each debt or bill
  • Contact AP’s/Admins via call or email to ask about their overdue payments / upcoming dues
  • Identify the root cause of non-payment
  • Resolve billing concerns
  • Report on collections update and accounts receivable status
  • Communicating with the sales department to maintain accurate and updated information on client contract
  • Maintained logs of calls and record any payment updates from the customer.
  • Billing reps will be assigned new facilities to start contacting, doing courtesy, and payment reminder calls and emails. 
  • The billing reps are expected to apply and deliver what was taught in the training
  • Billing reps will identify their critical accounts and will be expected to endorse them to their managers
  • Build relationships with the Facilities (Properly set expectations about our billing policy, explain NET & Dispute Terms, etc.)
  • Billing reps to introduce themselves to the facilities and give their contact details
  • Build good relationships cross-functionally and billing team members
  • Review the current standing of their assigned accounts
    • Identify good payers to bad payers
    • Help their HCF resolve their concerns on their bills and report to managers for further consultation
    • Keep track of facilities do not need to call because they are good payers
    • Temp check from time to time to identify if their HCF needs any assistance with their bills
  • Build out SMART plans for the delinquent accounts.
  • Aim to have a 95% collection rate on a quarterly basis

Requirements and Skills:

  • Good listening skills
  • Communication skills (Verbal and written)
  • Negotiating skills
  • Patience and stress management
  • Problem-solving skills and Critical thinking skills
  • Quick adaptability to changes
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Software
  • Knowledge of using Google cloud-based software
  • Proven experience using Customer Service tools (Ticketing software, Email platforms, chat & phone software, etc.)


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